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Vended, Tallah, Widow 7, Dose 12/9/21 @ Wooly's, DSM, IA

Des Moines, IA is a metal town. As long as I can remember, the excitement of a metal show is what got us metalheads through the conservative hell of Iowa. The scene's peaks and valleys in the Gen Z-er's eyes could probably be seen as a mythical volcano(Slipknot) and the magma and rock going down to a huge gorge of apathy, into the forlorn valleys of "Days-Gone-By." Is the Des Moines scene in the valley of death?

I wielded my metal horns and came into this show, calling it: The Future of Metal Show. It's a tongue-in-cheek sentiment. But, if any night were to be the watershed moment where the kids talk about "that show...where you there?", this would be the night. The last big show of 2021.

Vended pulled together a great bill to herald their just-released EP "What Is It // Kill It" to great fanfare. Now, there has been lots of debate on the comments feeds if Vended, a band barely 20 shows in its live career, could carry such an event.

I know the history and I know who is in the band, so I won't stoop so low as to criticize and make myself look like an old troll. The fact is that people are fucking talking...about the Des Moines Metal Scene again!

Dose. A fitting band to start things off. If you're just getting into town to skate the Lauridsen Skatepark, pick up a new deck @ Subsect, and walk to Wooly's to see Dose play, the band would fit right into your day. Stratocaster Skate Punk with a side of hardcore mosh! A short 25-minute set.

Watch out for flying bodies! Be safe.

Next up, Widow 7! I'm biased because I've known 3 out of the 5 dudes in this band for years. Their work ethic is unparalleled in the scene. The collective experience these guys have rivals long-established national bands. They've been out doing the festival circuit and I have never watched them play. I know that the true live experience in an intimate venue like Wooly's was the best way to see a new band.

Damn, do they know how to work the crowd! The songs are there, the kids knew the words as the movement was bordering on hazardous. The dance floor was becoming a trampoline from the fans' jumping! Even an arms-crossed older guy next to me said: "They're really good live!"

New album coming soon!

Tallah was next...

Oh. My. God. We were lucky to have them as they are Earache Records signees. Well, really, signed bands & locals are on a more even playing field these days, especially in the age of CoVid. But they made the long journey here and it was worth it! The audience was blown away! This was one of the BEST shows I've seen @ Wooly's! Their debut, "Matriphagy", (< Genius!) is a motherfucker!

Now, as Gen-Z is getting older, they deserve to have a band of their own. Especially with the last couple of years. Metal is a balm. A way of life. I can only imagine having this when I was a kid; to be able to go to the Skatepark, get something to eat in the East Village, and catch Vended on a Thursday night. The band's youthful energy was in full-force. The kids were having a killer time. Vended brought the house down! To see all of that positive energy swirling, that, can flux out any bullshit criticism any day!

I think this show will be remembered for a long time. If the energy I got from the bands and fans tonight gave me feelings of those "Long-Gone-Days," then I am sure we'll be seeing way more interesting things happening next year, and onward! DSM=not dead.


Tallah FB:

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