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Riffs For A Cure: 10/8 @ Lefty's, DSM: The Curse Of Hail, Druids, The Edicule, What Lies Within

"Can Do Cancer is a non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment in Des Moines, Ames and surrounding areas. We are looking to expand in the Waterloo area, and we are conducting a pilot program there at this time.

Can Do Cancer provides dinner for patients and their families on chemotherapy days, house cleaning services throughout treatment, a website for patients to learn what they need to know after a breast cancer diagnosis and motivational support by breast cancer survivors." -Taken from

October 8th, 2021 was a good night for metal as an impressive crowd made it to Lefty's Live Music on a beautiful Friday night for Riffs For A Cure. This big 4-band show was curated by headliners, veteran Des Moines Shred Metal luminaries The Curse Of Hail.

Up first was What Lies Within. Armed with three impressive light platforms downstage with their trademark acronym fashioned on the outside grating, they set the tone for the evening. It was my first time seeing them. The four-piece sounded tight, the songs were solid, and the vocalist had the melodic metal thing down. (Was that a falsetto at the end of one of their songs?! \m/) Looking forward to hearing more!

WLW's lights were hauled away and the stage was set for The Edicule. I recall their sound as a cross between Nails meets Thou. It's a new band which I've never seen before. Their short 20-minute set had the Nails-esque guitar tone kicking out of a 5150 III amp. A terse but impactful debut at Lefty's. The Edicule are grinding out another show the next night at Wooly's! Watch out.

Druids are a band I've seen before and they never disappoint! Their individual tones match for a perfect brew of psych meets doom meets prog. Meat and Articulation is the best I can come up with now, but it's undeniably: Druids. I was looking forward to hearing them on the superior Lefty's sound system. It was great to hear them again! A friend of mine brought up how their duo vocals complemented each other so well. They get the melodic vocal prize along with WLW! (How 'bout those Orange Cabs!!! \m/)

Alright metal musicians, take a seat or rage where you stand. The Curse Of Hail pride themselves on bearing the coined term: Shred Metal. Tight, razor sharp, brutal, technical, complete with samples to enhance the sound. (808 Bass Hits on the breakdown?! Fucking awesome!) In this style of music, the vocals usually take the backseat and are just another percussion instrument, but there is something more going on here with the melodic flourishes above the blastbeats, tremolo-picking and arpeggios. They worked on this music for awhile and it shows as they are easily one of the best metal bands doing this right now! Their new EP will be on my repeated playlists for this autumn! It should be on yours, too! Bring your no-gig-attending, couch-farting friends to see The Curse Of Hail! This is how good Des Moines metal can get and watch out for the circle pit! \m/

Can Do Cancer: @Can Do Cancer

What Lies Within:

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