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Reservation Dogs: Series Finale: "Dig" 😢😭

Beautiful. Timeless. Community.

So many things going through my head. A good show will do that after watching. But this was the first series where scenes of my life played out with the most lovable, endearing characters playing them.

I’m holding out for a “Willie Jack: Medicine Woman” spin-off!

I’m beyond happy for this new generation that is growing up with Reservation Dogs! I should be envious, but I didn’t have it so bad growing up. Back in the day we had: Cheers, Charles in Charge, The Wonder Years, Silver Spoons, Full House…I could never see myself in them though. If we had Reservation Dogs back then, fuckin’ forget it. It would’ve been like the NES Console of TV Comedies!

Or not. Natives weren’t supposed to be funny. The gatekeepers wouldn’t have taken the chance. Especially in the Raegan era. I remember I was at my friend’s trailer back on The Sett, Fresh Prince had just put out “Freddy (Krueger) Rap", and I was in their living room and “A Current Affair” was on. Then his parents resounded in unison: “Gee!!! NDN’s!!!” We all looked at the screen. It was something negative. If anyone remembers “A Current Affair” it was like Vice meets TMZ, with hairspray. I can’t remember what the story was, but I remember the dark music and a rugged NDN mugshot. Negative representation for the people of the First Nations…again.

That was a couple years before Dances With Wolves hit the theaters.

So, no longer aging myself😝, when we say representation matters, it’s not a lie. If I had Rez Dogs, maybe I would’ve had more confidence growing up. I was already funny AF but with that extra bolt of visibility, the proverbial seat at the table, maybe I would’ve been The Class Clown, The Hotshit Football Star, The Heartbreak Native. Aye!

On the same token it would’ve been great to tune into Rez Dogs and see my friends, Cousins, Brothers, Sisters, Aunties & Uncs on the screen. My Grandparents😢. The deadbeat dads would be put on blast, the good Dads and our beautiful Mothers would be getting a good laugh/cry after work, seeing themselves on TV. 40 years into my life some generation behind me got to experience that! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤

Reservation Dogs Forever

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