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Reservation Dogs EP 05: "Come and Get Your Love" Review

Yes! The episode is named after the all-Native American band Redbone's hit of the same name. The names of these episodes are knocking it out of the park! It's a good time as any to take the song back to NDN Country from the dancing Peter Quill of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Kids have to learn their history of how much Redbone meant to Native representation back in the 70's.

And our lone tribal cop Big, played by veteran actor Zahn McClarnon, lets our Dawg, Cheese, know that. The quiet Reservation Dog is enrolled in a youth program ride-along with Big in squad car: "Redbone 1."

There are many bumps, forks, potheads, and copper thieves out on the Rez road. Cheese is learning the hard lessons of what tribal cops have to deal with daily.

We also get another legendary guest in the form of Lifetime Achievement Oscar Winner: Wes Studi!

He plays Bucky, the down-and-out townie passing out on public benches and doing whatever he does in which Big will just sigh and tell him "Okay, just go home and stay out of trouble." Hilarious!

I have to say it again. I know all of these dudes! The tribal cop thing is an absolute fresh perspective to have in the roaring 2020's. We don't have to keep reciting 90's film, "Thunderheart", for our tribal cop lines. (Since the Val Kilmer documentary is a big thing now, check out THAT movie which he plays an FBI agent buddying with tribal cop, Graham Greene. Legendary!)

And yes...we finally get an on-screen portrayal of: The Deer Lady! EEEEE! (NDN for Daaamn, or WTF! to something really scary.) Many tribes have different stories of the Deer Lady, but none, to my knowledge have been brought to mainstream audiences until this very episode. In Latin folklore, La Llorona would probably get equal billing as one of the top oral traditions involving a matriarch.

To answer, your question, I have never seen The Deer Lady. But I have a couple of cousins who have seen her. Some dudes I used to kick it with back in the day have seen her, but they're dead of my uncles said he seen her, even an aunt that knows someone with a niece said she saw her at a gas station stomping a cheating husband to death. Or so I've heard...

Without giving too much away, a bowel movement may save your life, or perhaps, be the way to your path of enlightenment!

S'Pretty good! Next time you meet an alluring woman at the bar, look her feet. EEE! -FL

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