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Reservation Dogs EP 04: "What About Your Dad"

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

The title of the 'Sode is a line from the movie "Smoke Signals" when Victor, the main character, declares that Geronimo was the greatest basketball player who ever lived. Thomas, the "Tonto" to Victor's "Lone Ranger" asks, "What About Your Dad?"

Which brings us to the solemn subject of estranged father issues for our main Dawg, Bear, in EP 04. Brilliantly directed by Sydney Freeland. It opens with a Rapper rapping in a music video about "Greasy Frybread..."

S'bout Fuckin' Time, man!

The Rapper is named Punkin' Lusty and is an LA N8tive Rapper.

He happens to be Bear's deadbeat dad.

He is slated to make an appearance at an Anti-Diabetes Fair on the Rez that is being hosted by the NDN clinic where Bear's mom works. She takes exception to this for obvious reasons.

Bear is ecstatic about finally seeing his dad, though. He votes to dig into the Rez Dog's community "Get-outta-the-Rez" fund to buy Dad some presents. Most notably, he wants to give him a custom beaded medallion made by Willie Jack's freaky Aunt B.

Bear's mom Rita, played by Sarah Podemski,(Mekko, Tin Star) steals the show as we see her struggle with her civilized and rugged side, reuniting Punkin' Lusty and their son, and try to maybe snag a rich white guy to take them all in!

Now, it's quite striking to have this episode be directed by Sydney Freeland, because it tackles a subject which is far too common of an issue on the Rez. Patriarchal Abandonment. Deadbeat Baby Daddy BS. Freeland is an empowered Native Woman Film Director and it is very much a classic tale of female resilience for a mainstream audience to finally see.

There is one scene that will be one of the classic sequences of all time when Rita and Elora Danan have a moment alone together. From one woman to a younger woman, this moment will catapult Elora's struggle to keep our Reservation Dogs together and to get their asses to California.

Lumps in throats to full-on tears, man. Beautiful! -FL

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