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Reservation Dogs EP 03: "Uncle Brownie" Review

I remember as a youth, traveling down to visit relatives in Oklahoma. I marveled at how many SONICs were down there.

For those unfamiliar, SONIC is an all-American drive-thru restaurant that serves up American-style tots, burgers, and hotdogs in a proto-50's vibe. The server brings your food while in your car. I remember Salt-N-Pepa's hit, "Supersonic" was blasting the FM airwaves at that time, and then the Oklahoma/SONICs connection was forever imbedded in my mind. (1987 I believe...)

What does this have to do with Reservation Dogs EP 03: "Uncle Brownie"?

Everything about Oklahoma!

The show follows our main protagonist of the 'sode, Elora Danan and two of the other Dawgs to meet her estranged uncle who lives waaaayyy out there in the weeds. (Lips pointing to a heavily wooded area of the Rez)

The uncle is played by the legendary Gary Farmer. (Powwow Highway, Smoke Signals) He nails the reclusive, stoner uncle part down! He gets a "Lump In My Throat Award" because I know that uncle. I know a few of them! (I'll prolly be one when I get older! Aye!)

The resulting episode is a modern classic Stoner Comedy done NDN-style that would make Cheech & Chong and the White Castle dudes choke on their spit with laughter.

Extra AHO'S (which means "Amen" or "Fuckin' Aye" in NDN) for our Dawg Willie Jack! She kills those funny lines and has the rez-style DOWN!

Also, I have to say this: How the writers got this script with the Bad Medicine storyline and the appearance of the Messenger of Death Owl past their elders without being shamed and banished from existence is awesome. In NDN country, those taboos are untouchable, (I know because I've been kicked off a Native Group for asking those types of questions while doing research for my own writing...) but I say, give us more! 'Cause we NEED more! This episode just makes me wanna take Grandma's Buick to OK to get some SONICs! Just don't forget about the rotting deer carcass layin' in the trunk.

S'Pretty Damn Good! -FL

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