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Rehtek CD Release Show 5/28/22 @ Lefty's, Des Moines, IA

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Good things take time. This especially rings true with Rehtek. The Meskwaki & Des Moines-based band has been in existence for ten years, according to them. The new CD, Abomination has been in the works due to band member changes and normal obstacles that bands have to contend with to exist in the ever-changing music world. But to their credit, Metal prevails above all trends and Abomination is easily one of the most impressive albums out there!

Tonight's show at Lefty's Live Music took place on a perfect Saturday in May. There wasn't a cloud in the sky as the lush trees...Fuck that shit! METAL & HARDCORE motherfucker!

I missed the first band Pharaohs. But they were going through a name change last I heard. Now they are known as: Nyhilist. They play out often so I hope to catch them soon with a more-realized vision!

I walked in as M-town's (my hometown) Forever Tormented were unleashing their OS Death Metal on the crowd. Shades of Six Feet Under-meets-Converge! Check 'em out.

Next up: Hardcore/Power Violence from LaCrosse, Wisconsin: Spread Thin! Razor-sharp, able to cut through the bullshit! Try NOT to move to this. I am an instant fan!

Whatever is in the water in LaCrosse, it's working; at least to create this caliber of pissed-off aggression! Claim Defeat the 5-piece HC crew from Wisconsin have come to pillage with a short burst set from 6:45 to 7:00!

Then, it is back to M-town, with a staple of the scene's past, present and hopeful future: Agony of Defeat! It was good to see them again with their brand of Nu Metal!

Good things taking time contains a lot of hard work as Rehtek have proved in being the hosts and curators of this 6-band celebration! The hosts did not disappoint the congregation on this night.


Rehtek: ABOMINATION! Streaming now!

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